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Move On has developed some newer practice tests L-N, which are more in line with the current National Tests. This was done to address feedback from teachers that the previous practice tests were not providing adequate preparation for the current tests. Following the use of L-N, the final practice test should always be one of the tests from the Awarding Body with which the learner will be registered.

The paper-based copies allow photocopying, but some measurements in numeracy may not be as accurate as in the original copy.

There are three different types of practice material available.
  • Progress checks A-J (paper based) A-I (on screen) can be used with learners to build their confidence in tackling test type questions, to check progress and to find starting points for further learning.
  • Practice tests L-Q are most like the current National Tests.  We recommend you use them as part of a stepped approach in preparing learners.
  • Entry 3 sample tests are sample e-learning end assessments now available from some awarding bodies.
Hot Topics are interactive resources which provide opportunities to develop and practise skills.

Choose the appropriate resource and preferred format.