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Welcome to the resource bank for those working with learners, clients or employees to develop their employability skills. In times of job cuts there is an increasing demand for everyone to improve their skills for work.

These resources are organised to help you find materials to support your job role. Once you have selected the job role you will find resources grouped under five employability areas:
  • Maths for work
  • Communications for work
  • Problem solving
  • Working in a team
  • Organising yourself and your time
Click on the job role you are interested in to find a wide range of resources to support you. For each resource there is a 'Making the most of...' guide to give you ideas on how to use and adapt the resource.

To access any of the resources signposted in this resource bank, make sure that you are logged in to the Move On home page.

If you also support people facing redundancy, go to the Pre-redundancy Toolkit.

There are more resources to support the development of employability skills on the employability area of the Teaching and Learning web site and the Skills for Life Core Curriculum web site, which now includes an Employability section.

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